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Each quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters found in the fields and dungeons.
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Automated events in which everyone logged in can participate, Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain event points or other useful items
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Get points every succesful hours of gameplay, get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours concecutively
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3 vs 3 EVENT

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  •  Each team will be composed of 3 members with NO repeating jobs.
  •  All the members of each team should be at least level 85
  •  No Resurrection.
  •  Each match will last 7 minutes.
  • GM will assign a party name for both Teams
  • If a round ends with neither team completely eliminated, the team with the most surviving members will win.
  • Best of 3 Match
  • Trash-talking is allowed


  • Ygg Berry
  • Ygg Seeds
  • Marc Card
  • Phen Card
  • Smokie Card
  • Evil Druid Card


  • Saturday October 20, 2018 
  • 8:00PM +8GMT



  • 1x P.Dagger eac
  • 1x Costume Adventure Card  eac
  • 5x ESB eac
  • 3x FMB eac
  • 3x BMB eac
  • 1x BGB eac

The organizing committee reserves the right to append, add, modify, and remove any of the rules stated here. At any given time. Any dispute regarding the rules before or after the matches will be decided by the committee.

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