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Each quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters found in the fields and dungeons.
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Automated events in which everyone logged in can participate, Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain event points or other useful items
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Get points every succesful hours of gameplay, get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours concecutively
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RFYL Event

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Requirement:  Novice level 1 Only

Event Time: 9:00PM  Oct 13, 2018

Prize: 1x BBG Box 1x FM box 1x Costume Maker Card 5x Chaos Scroll

Description:  Spawn Zombie from time to time to determine the winner for this event :- Last Standing

How to play:  As GM summon, you need to quickly run and survive!


  •  Do not attack the monster because you might not miss and able to hit it, if the zombie dies, you will gain lvl. If that happen, you will disqualify immediately
  •  No Potion Pots / No Equips / No Speed Pots

Map suggested:

quiz_02 364 346

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