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Each quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters found in the fields and dungeons.
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Automated events in which everyone logged in can participate, Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain event points or other useful items
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Get points every succesful hours of gameplay, get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours concecutively
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Server Updates Oct 11, 2018

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    Patch update : 2018-11-October-Fixed-moc_fild


  • Fixed - Email Deletion Character BUG 
  • Fixed - BUG Hunter Quest Save Map Flag
  • Fixed - Moc_fild01 upto Moc_fild19 Warper Npc and Location
  • Fixed - Potion Creation Guide Readable Korean to English
  • Fixed - Blacksmith NPC Postion



Changed Nephia Quest Gold Coin to Gold (ID: 969) Added view Zeny 

Added Grape Juice - Tool Dealer NPC (zeny)

Added Hourly Points RSB, ASB, ESB Potion

Added Binocular Quest moc_ruins,118,176

Changed Donation Npc Payon Town and Added RSB, ASB, ESB Potion

Changed Lucky Pick Prize : 5 Points per hour

Added Keybaord Warrior Event

Prize Will be 2 Points per Round
start every 7:00AM
start every 12:00NN
start every 7:00PM
start every 12:00MN

Compensation Reward loc @ payon 77,116



Hosting successfully changed upto:




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