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Each quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters found in the fields and dungeons.
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Automated events in which everyone logged in can participate, Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain event points or other useful items
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Get points every succesful hours of gameplay, get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours concecutively
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Chaos Scroll Tier 1

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Desc :

 Mysterious scroll no one knows what is inside the scroll


Chance to Win:

10% Chance List of Items

14592.gif Field Manual 1x

12263.gif Battle Manual 1x

12210.gif Bubble Gum 1x

7060.gifFree Ticket for Kafra Transportation 1x

7059.gifFree Ticket for Kafra Storage  1x

545.gifHealing Potion 1x

533.gifGrape Juice

2% Chance List of Items

16682.gifHalter Lead 7 Day Box 1x

12210.gif Bubble Gum 1x

card.pngCostume Adveturer Card 1x -

Scroll.png Chaos Scroll Tier 1

1% Chance List of Rare Items

5210.gif Flapping Angel Wing 1x 

5293.gif Ramen Hat 1x

5286.gif Pecopeco Hairband  1x






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