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Each quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters found in the fields and dungeons.
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Automated events in which everyone logged in can participate, Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain event points or other useful items
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Get points every succesful hours of gameplay, get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours concecutively
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  3. Error

    Hi , I tried to download the full client and when i opened the downloaded file it says that theres an error
  4. MONK vs MONK

    [ Monk Vs Monk Event ] Mechanics : All Equipsment are allowed NO cloaking , NO hiding HP pots are NOT Allowed NO Heal Skill / No Status Weapon like sleep/stun/silence SP Pots and other anti disabled pots are ALLOWED Single Elimination Best of 3 Prizes : 500 Donation Coupon x1 Costume Adventure Card x10 ESB x1 BBG BOX x2 FM Box x2 BM BOX Event Schedule : OCT 27, 2018 ( Saturday ) Time : 7pm-9pm
  5. 3 vs 3 EVENT

    MATCH RULES: Each team will be composed of 3 members with NO repeating jobs. All the members of each team should be at least level 85 No Resurrection. Each match will last 7 minutes. GM will assign a party name for both Teams If a round ends with neither team completely eliminated, the team with the most surviving members will win. Best of 3 Match Trash-talking is allowed ITEMS RESTRICTION: Ygg Berry Ygg Seeds Marc Card Phen Card Smokie Card Evil Druid Card SCHEDULE: Saturday October 20, 2018 8:00PM +8GMT CHAMPION PRIZE: 1x P.Dagger eac 1x Costume Adventure Card eac 5x ESB eac 3x FMB eac 3x BMB eac 1x BGB eac DISCLAIMER: The organizing committee reserves the right to append, add, modify, and remove any of the rules stated here. At any given time. Any dispute regarding the rules before or after the matches will be decided by the committee.
  6. 【 FB event: puzzle Maze 】

    How to join Ror Event? ► This week, the event is not difficult, just let friends find out that all 4 characters a to d have which one can travel to the treasure chest in the middle of the dragon. ► Once an answer has been answered, let the players fill in the gap to complete and correct, then the photo takes the answer down under this post, then provide a detailed IGN / name of their character. 💡 Event duration 💡 ► Starting: October 14,2018 until October 20, 2018 (Saturday) ► 5 Lucky winners on each item will be randomly selected using https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker on October 20,2018 (8:00PM) ►► Rules and Event Conditions ◄◄ 🔹 1) The player fills the maze line in the blank to get the treasure 🔹 2) Then Copy the photo comment your answer photo below. 🔹 3) Assigned to 1 Account / 1 Facebook is eligible to guess only 1 times. 🔹 4) Tag your 10 friends and Share to public ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Prize will be: 1x Headgear : Yellow Bandana 10x ESB Box 1x BBG Box 2x FM Box 2x BM Box 1x Costume Adventure Card •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
  7. RFYL Event

    Requirement: Novice level 1 Only Event Time: 9:00PM Oct 13, 2018 Prize: 1x BBG Box 1x FM box 1x Costume Maker Card 5x Chaos Scroll Description: Spawn Zombie from time to time to determine the winner for this event :- Last Standing How to play: As GM summon, you need to quickly run and survive! RULES: Do not attack the monster because you might not miss and able to hit it, if the zombie dies, you will gain lvl. If that happen, you will disqualify immediately No Potion Pots / No Equips / No Speed Pots Map suggested: quiz_02 364 346
  8. Patch update : 2018-11-October-Fixed-moc_fild Fixed - Email Deletion Character BUG Fixed - BUG Hunter Quest Save Map Flag Fixed - Moc_fild01 upto Moc_fild19 Warper Npc and Location Fixed - Potion Creation Guide Readable Korean to English Fixed - Blacksmith NPC Postion Changed Nephia Quest Gold Coin to Gold (ID: 969) Added view Zeny Added Grape Juice - Tool Dealer NPC (zeny) Added Hourly Points RSB, ASB, ESB Potion Added Binocular Quest moc_ruins,118,176 Changed Donation Npc Payon Town and Added RSB, ASB, ESB Potion Changed Lucky Pick Prize : 5 Points per hour Added Keybaord Warrior Event Prize Will be 2 Points per Round start every 7:00AM start every 12:00NN start every 7:00PM start every 12:00MN Compensation Reward loc @ payon 77,116 Hosting successfully changed upto:
  9. Chaos Scroll Tier 1

    Desc : Mysterious scroll no one knows what is inside the scroll Chance to Win: 10% Chance List of Items Field Manual 1x Battle Manual 1x Bubble Gum 1x Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation 1x Free Ticket for Kafra Storage 1x Healing Potion 1x Grape Juice 2% Chance List of Items Halter Lead 7 Day Box 1x Bubble Gum 1x Costume Adveturer Card 1x - Chaos Scroll Tier 1 1% Chance List of Rare Items Flapping Angel Wing 1x Ramen Hat 1x Pecopeco Hairband 1x
  10. Hunting Quest Mission

    Each Quest will require the player to hunt of specific monsters in the field or dungeons Mission Quest Location ( payon,81,130) Ex.
  11. Hourly Points

    2 Hourly Points by staying ingame for 1 hour 4 Hourly Points due to playing for 2 consecutive hours 6 Hourly Points due to playing for 3 consecutive hours 8 Hourly Points due to playing for 4 consecutive hours 10 Hourly Points due to playing for 5 consecutive hours 12 Hourly Points due to playing for 6 consecutive hours 14 Hourly Points due to playing for 7 consecutive hours 16 Hourly Points due to playing for 8 consecutive hours 18 Hourly Points due to playing for 9 consecutive hours 20 Hourly Points due to playing for 10 consecutive hours 22 Hourly Points due to playing for 11 consecutive hours 24 + 6 = 30 Free Hourly Points due to playing for 12 consecutive hours Note : The hourly points event haulted because you were vending, chatting, or idle

    10 Lucky winners on each item will be randomly selected live here in our page on Oct 13, 2018 08:00PM GMT +8! ( Saturday ) How to join Like and Share Event? 1. Like our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/playvalkyrie2018/) 2. Join our Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/myvalkriero/ 3. Like and Share this Photo ( Must be in Public Post ) 4. Comment a screenshot of your character with "Play ValkyrieRO" in a PUB.(Only screenshot from October 05 ~ Oct. 13 7PM will be accepted. Outdated screenshot will not be approve). 5. Comment your In-game name and TAG your 5 friends who loves to play Ragnarok Online. Prize : 1x Lower Headgear : Flapping Angel Wing 1x Lower Headgear : Gentleman's Pipe 1x Bubble Gum 2x Field Manual 2x Battle Manual What are you waiting for? Join and invite friends to experience the fun at ValkyrieRO! Website: https://valkyrie-ro.com/ Download: https://valkyrie-ro.com/download Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/myvalkriero/

    Wizard Job Quest First Step: Also at the Geffen Town. Go to the middle of the Geffen Town and enter the portal of Geffen Tower. You have to talk to the NPC named “Catherine Medichi”. She is located at the top floor of the geffen tower (gef_tower 111, 37). Note: You have to be a Mage with a job level 40 or higher in order to start. Talk to Catherine Medichi to sign up for the job quest. If you are less than job level 50, your first test is to collect a set of items. Get back to her when you collected the items, then you can advance to the next test. Raul Expagarus will be the NPC for your next test. Mage at job level 50 can skip the first test and advance to the next test after talking to her. List of the Items/Ingredients if you are below Job level 50: Item Collection Set #1: 1. Red Gemstone x 10 2. Blue Gemstone x 10 3. Yellow Gemstone x 10 Item Collection Set #2: 1. Cyrstal Blue x 5 2. Green Live x 5 3. Red Blood x 5 4. Wind of Verdure x 5 Second Step: Talk to “Raul Exparagus” located also at the top of Geffen Tower. Raul is standing in the corner. He will ask you 10 questions, each questions worth 10 points, you have to get at least 90/100 points to pass this test. After you passed this test, he will ask you to take some rest before you take the next test. Just talk to him again when you are ready for the next test. There are 3 different possible sets of questions prepared for this test, here are the questions and answers of each sets: Set # 1 - Spell Quiz (There are times that the question is different but the answer is still the same) 1. Which of the following is not necessary to learn Fire Wall? Answer: Napalm Beat Lv 4 2. Regardless of it's previous attribute. What does the monster's attribute change to when you cast Frost Diver on it? Answer: Water 3. When you completely master Napalm Beat, what is the ratio of the increased MATK using that spell? Answer: 1.7 times 4. What item do you need when casting Stone Curse? Answer: Red Gemstone 5. Which of the following is NOT required to master Safety Wall? Answer: SP Recovery Lv 6 6. Without the INT bonus, what amount of SP is recovered every 10 seconds when you have learned Increase SP Recovery Lv 7? Answer: 21 7. Using Energy Coat, when you have 50% of your SP remaining, how much SP is used when hit, and what percentage is damage reduced by? Answer: Damage 18% SP 2% 8. How much SP is consumed and how many times can you avoid attacks when using Safety Wall Lv 6? Answer: SP 35, 7hits 9. How much SP is needed when using Lv 10 Thunderstorm? Answer: 74 10. Which skill is most useful training in the Byalan Dungeon? Answer: Lightning Bolt Set # 2 – Monster Quiz (There are times that the question is different but the answer is still the same) 1. Which monster can you obtain a slotted Guard from? Answer: Pupa 2. Which of the following is the easiest monster for a low level Mage to hunt? Answer: Flora 3. Which monster will not be affected by Stone Curse? Answer: Evil Druid 4. When attacking a Lv 3 water attribute monster with a wind attribute weapon, what is the damage percentage? Answer: 200% 5. If a Baby Desert Wolf and a Familiar fought, which one would win? Answer: Baby Desert Wolf 6. Which of the following cannot be a Cute Pet? Answer: Roda Frog 7. Choose the monster that is weak against a fire attribute attack. Answer: Hammer Goblin 8. Which of the following monsters has the highest defence? Answer: Caramel 9. Choose the monster that's a different species. Answer: Ghostring 10. Which of the following is not an Undead monster? Answer: Deviace Set # 3 – Mage Quiz (There are times that the question is different but the answer is still the same) 1. Which stat is most important for a Mage? Answer: INT 2. Which attribute does not have a 'Bolt' type attack? Answer: Earth 3. Choose the one that does not relate to a mage. Answer: Good at selling stuff. 4. Which town is the home of the Mages? Answer: Geffen 5. Which of the following cards has nothing to do with INT? Answer: Soldier Andre Card 6. What is the Mage good at compared to other job classes? Answer: Exceptional Magic Skills 7. What is the INT bonus at Job Lv 40 for a mage? Answer: 5 8. Which item can't be equipped by mages? Answer: Cap 9. Which of the following is the catalyst when making the Mage test solution 3? Answer: Blue Gemstone 10. Which card is irrelevant to magic? Answer: Magnolia Card After the Quiz, you will be transported to the monster killing room. There will be 3 different rooms, each containing monsters of a different elemental property. The Room of Water will have monsters of the water property, followed by the Room of Earthwith earth property monsters, and finally the Room of Fire with fire property monsters. You will have 3 minutes for each room. You must kill all of the monsters in the room to be able to advance to the next room. Remember to use the right spells for each room. Note: Everytime you fail the test, he will give you a pop quiz before you can take the test again. Here are the questions and answers to the pop quiz: 1. Choose the monster with a different attribute than the others. Answer: Cornutus 2. Choose the monster that is not a looting one. Answer: Zerom 3. Which of these monsters does not recognize casting? Answer: Marina 4. Chose the spell that would be efficient against a Marine Sphere. Answer: Lightning Bolt 5. Choose the monster that can move. Answer: Frilldora After you passed this test, go to Catherine Medichi and she will change you into a wizard. You will get 6 Blue Potions upon changing job.

    Priest Job Quest 1. After reaching Acolyte job level 40 or higher, You then can proceed to your second job change. A PRIEST. Go back to the Prontera church - it is in Northeastern Corner. 2. Talk to Father Thomas to sign-up to be a priest. He will tell how the quest is going to be and what is your first task. 3. If you are at job level 50, you can skip the first part of the test and he will warp you to Father Peter directly. Otherwise, your first task is to pay a visit, in this order, to Father Rubalkabara, then Mother Marthilda, and lastly Father Yosuke. The locations of each of these NPCs are stated below: a. Father Rubalkabara is located Near St. Capitolina Abbey, 1 map North, and 2 maps East of Prontera. That is the Yoyo/Smokie/Choco Map. b. Mother Marthilda is located at one map north from the town of Morroc. Morroc is SouthWest from Prontera. She is at the top left corner of the map. c. Father Yosuke is located on a very small island (located at the center of the map) 2 maps West, and 1 map North, of Prontera. 4. After you have spoken to all 3 Clerics, go back to Father Thomas and he'll warp you to Father Peter to start the next part of the test. 5. In the quest waiting room, enter the chat box on top of Father Peter's head to begin the test. Or click on him for the test instructions. 6. There are 3 parts to this test: a) In the first part, you have to kill all the zombies in the room. b) In the second part, you will be presented to a series of monster disguised NPCs (Dark Lord, Baphomet, etc), each will attempt to get you to the dark side. You have to resist the temptation, answer to their temptational deals with common sense as a servant of God (Just answer "Devil, Be Gone" for most part). If you accept their deals, you will be warped to some wild places and have to do the second test again. c) After the temptation test, you will be in a room filled with mummies. You are not required to kill any of them. Simply make it to the exit to pass the test. NOTE: You have 5 minutes to pass all 3 rooms. You may bring a priest friend to help you with the zombie room and/ or the mummy room test. Just have the priest talk to Father Thomas while the acolyte is inside taking the test. The priest must have a Rosary in his inventory in order to enter the test room. 7. After passing the test that Father Peter has given, You then talk to Sister Cecile for the final test. She is located inside the Prontera church - first room on the left. 8. She will ask you a series of questions to determine if you are suitable to handle the job as a priest. Just answer the questions with common sense as a priest. 9. If you get any of the question wrong, she will stop you. You can talk to her to take the test again. 10. Once you passed this test, go talk to Father Thomas again, he will change you into a priest. The given reward will be based on what job level you are. a) If you are at job level 50 when you started the priest quest, Father Thomas will give you a Bible. b) Otherwise, if you are job level 40 – 49, he will give you a Book.

    Knight Job Change 1. You must be a swordsman of at least job 40 to start the quest. 2. Talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" inside the only building in the northwest corner of Prontera. He will tell you to talk to "Sir Andrew Syloc" to begin the first test. 3. You will be asked to collect one of the two item sets for the quest to pass the quest. Level 50 Job level swordsmen will skip this test and move to the next one. Below are the items to be collected. First set • 5 Elder Pixie's Moustache • 5 Wings of Red Bat • 5 Orcish Vouchers • 5 Moth Dusts • 5 Reptile Tongues • 5 Manes Or Second set • 5 Bug Legs • 5 Hearts of Mermaid • 5 Snail's Shells • 5 Clam Shells • 5 Old Frying Pans • 5 Maneater Blossoms 4. After giving him the items, he will tell you to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" again. He will direct you to "Sir James Syracuse". 5. You will be asked 8 questions. Answering a question wrongly will restart the test. Below are the questions and their answers. Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken Flamberge Skill not required for Bowling Bash Provoke Level 10 Option not necessary for Brandish Spear Spear Boomerang Weapon that can attack a Nightmare monster Zephyrus The correct amount 80% You should tell the novice about a Hunting area In the front of a battle you should protect everyone The most important value of a Knight honor After you passed this part, speak with "Chivalry Captain Herman" and he will direct you to "Sir Windsor"for the third test. 6. "Sir Windsor" will warp you to the next part. Entering the chat room in the next area will warp you to a room filled with monsters. You will be given a time limit of 3 minutes to kill everything in the room. If you exceed the time limit or died inside the test area, you will be warped outside the room to retake the test. Below are the monsters for each room of the test. First Room • 4 Dustiness • 2 Pieres, Deniros and Andres • 2 Argos Second Room • 2 Frilldoras • 2 Desert Wolves • 4 Drainliars • 2 Anacondaqs Third Room • 5 Goblins • 1 Goblin Archer • 1 Steam Goblin Steamrider 7. When you completed the test, talk to "Sir Windsor" again for confirmation. He'll ask to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will direct you to Lady Amy Beatris for the next test. 8. "Lady Amy Beatris" will ask you 10 questions. You will need at least 8 correct answers to pass this test. Below are the questions and their answers. Some questions have 2 correct answers. • Let's say you’re in Morroc and you want to recruit a party member. What would you do? - Make a chatroom and wait or Ask if anyone wants to party with a Knight. • You're in a party with a hunter, a priest, a wizard, a blacksmith, and an assassin. The six of you decide to train in the Pyramids. Your party makes it to the fourth floor of the pyramid, what will you do now? - Scout ahead and make sure it's safe for all or Stay in front of the party and move slowly • A guy creates a mob right in front of your party and disappears. What would you do? - Look after your partners or Fight hard and help when needed • Somehow you beat the mob. Your party then journeys on and you stumble upon someone who has fainted. - This guy begs you to help him, what will you do? Ask the priest in your party to help. • You guys have to go to different places so you guys separate yourselves into smaller groups. During your previous battles, a monster dropped a very valuable item that you picked up. What do you do with it? - Give it to the person that deserves it the most or Discuss it with the others. • You decide to go back to Prontera and sell some of the valuable items you picked up. On the road, you see a lot of chatrooms. What would be the best way to sell them? - Create a chatroom to advertise the items or Go around looking for someone that needs them. • Someone comes up to you and begs you for money. What would you do? - Tell him a place where its suitable for him to earn money. • Now your alone and training in a forest. You are happily riding a pecopeco. - You run into someone who's lost. What do you do? Tell her where the exit is. or Bring her to the exit. • You're still in the forest but now your busy fighting monsters. You realize that you've run out of healing items and your health is very low. Suddenly a priest appears! What would you do? - Would you please heal me. I'll share the drops with you. • Your getting tired so you decide to head back to town. On the road back to town, you see a very valuable object. - What will you do? Ask around to see if anyone dropped it or Leave it there. 9. After passing the test, she will tell you to speak to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will then direct you to "Sir Edmund" for the last test. In this test, you will be warped to a room with lots of mobs. The point of this test is too see if you can stay calm. You do not need to do anything, you will fail if you hit something. The test will last for 4 minutes. 10. Once you completed the test, talk to "Sir Edmund" again for confirmation. He'll ask to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will direct you to "Sir Grey" for the last test. 11. This test is more like a general interview before you become a knight. You can answer the questions the way you feel that fits your personality. In the end, he'll let you pass and ask you to speak to "Chivalry Captain Herman" where he will change you into a Knight finally. 12. You will get 3 Awakening Potions if your job level is below job 50 when you become a knight. If you are job level 50, you will get 7 Awakening Potions.

    Assassin Job Quest 1. After reaching Thief job level 40 or higher, You then can proceed to your second job change. AN ASSASSIN. To journey to the Assassin's Guild, it can be found in map (moc_fild16) with coordinates (205, 296). Or rather Two maps South and Two maps East of Morroc then the entrance to the guild is located near the center on the upper portion of the island. 2. Talk to Guildsman to change you into an assassin. Stated below are the rewards that will be given to you that is based on your job level. ◦ Job Level 40 – 49 a) Main Gauche b) Jur c) Stiletto d) Knife e) Katar ◦ Job Level 50 a) Jur b) Katar c) Main Gauche d) Gladius

    Hunter Job Quest Go to the Hunter Guild on Payon Field 10 ( pay_fild10 (148, 251) ) (which is situated 2 maps east, and 1 south of Payon). Talk with the guildmaster, Sherin, and apply to become a hunter. Sherin tells you that candidates are required to pass three tests before they can become a hunter. The first test is a personality assessment. The following are the answers to the test: 1. Wander around alone and search for a place. 2. Walk with a friend. 3. Hunt at a nearby field. 4. Go back to town. 5. Would it be possible to get a heal, please? 6. Open a chat room and wait. 7. Tell the person about a good place to hunt. 8. Guide them to their destination. 9. Watch, then attack when asked for help. 10. Try to find the owner. After that, Talk with the Guild Receptionist, "Demon Hunter", on the left Payon Palace... Or in the Archer Village, who tells 2nd location Middle Palace Payon you that the second test consists of gathering items to make arrows. Gather the items he requests, then talk with him again. Demon Hunter will request one of the following sets of items, chosen randomly: Set 1: Claw of Desert Wolf x 5 Trunk x 5 White Herb x 3 Set 2: Worm Peeling x 9 Shell x 9 Yellow Herb x 9 Set 3: Dokebi Horn x 3 Piece of Egg Shell x 3 Fluff x 10 Set 4: Venom Canine x 3 Red Herb x 5 Animal Skin x 3 Set 5: Bill of Birds x 3 Skel-bone x 5 Green Herb x 3 Set 6: Tooth of Bat x 3 Sticky Mucus x 1 Bear's Footskin x 1 Set 7: Porcupine Quill x 2 Yoyo Tail x 1 Acorn x 1 After you finish the Item Quest, Talk with Sherin again, who instructs you to meet another guild member in Payon to take the final test. Go to the building in Payon situated to the east of the central castle (payon (185, 233)). Enter the first room on your right, then talk with the guild member and ask to take the final test. The guild member will give you 200 Silver Arrows and transfer you to a waiting room. Walk forward and the examiner will explain the test to you. The test area is a maze populated with Porings, Zombies, Archer Skeletons, and Mummies, and scattered with puddles of water. You are required to complete three objectives in order and within 3 minutes to pass the test: Kill any 4 of the monsters labelled "Job Change Monster". Open the exit by activating a switch. Exit the maze. All of the monsters will die once the required number of target monsters have been killed. The six target monsters are comprised of: 1 Poring, located in the north. 3 Zombies, each located in the east, west, and center respectively. 1 Archer Skeleton, located in the east. 1 Mummy, located in the south-west. The switch is located at the center of the maze, and can be activated by clicking it. The exit is located in the north. Note: If you already have a Job level 50. you can skip the Killing part and The NPC will give you the “Necklace of Wisdom” Return to the Hunter Guild. Give the Necklace of Wisdom to Sherin and she will make you a hunter. Tip: Before leaving the area, exit the Hunter Guild and kill enough monsters to learn Falconry Mastery, then return to the Hunter Guild and rent a falcon from the Falcon Breeder in the right wing of the building.

    You must be at least a level 40 job merchant to start the quest. Go to the Forge Shop located in the Aldebaran. By talking to "Altiregen" (the guildsman behind the desk), the job change quest will begin. "Altiregen" will ask you to find "Geschupenschte" in the Alberta weapon shop. "Geschupenschte" will ask you 10 questions. Answer incorrectly and you will restart the test. The questions and their answers are below. Set 1 • Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item?Alberta - Swordmace • What status can be inflicted with the Hammer Fall skill? - Stun • Which skill cannot be performed by a Merchant? - Increase Agi • Where can you find a store that sells Blue Gemstones? - Geffen • Where is the Tool Dealer located in Geffen? - 8 o'clock direction from the town square • Which weapon cannot be used by a Merchant? - Bible • Which has the highest defense rate? - Mink Coat • For Level 3 weapons, what is the Safe limit for upgrading? - up to +5 • What item can be made using the Trunks item? - Sakkat • The most important part of being a Merchant is...? - Money Set 2 • Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item? Aldebaran - Hammer • How much Zeny is one Jellopy worth? - 3z • What is required for a Merchant to use the vending skill? - Must Have a Cart • Where can you change your Job to become a Merchant? - Alberta • Where is the Weapons Dealer located in Morroc? - 5 o'clock direction from the town square • What weapon can a Merchant not use? - Claymore • Which one of the following has the highest defense rates? - Mink Coat • For level 4 weapons, what is the safe limit for upgrading? - Up to +4 • What monster does NOT drop Iron Ore? - Anolian • The most important part of being a Merchant is...? - Any of the choices After answering the questions, you will be asked to bring the following items. • Set 1 - 8 Iron, 20 Green Herb, 2 Animal Skin, 1 Ring Pommel Saber • Set 2 - 8 Iron Ore, 1 Eye Patch, 2 Blue Gemstones, 1 Arbalest Bow • Set 3 - 2 Steel, 1 Rotten Bandage, 2 Blue Gemstones, 1 Arc Wand • Set 4 -2 Star Dust, 1 Skel-Bone, 1 Zargon, 1 Gladius • Set 5 - 2 Coal, 2 Shell, 2 Red Blood, 1 Tsurugi "Geschupenschte" will always ask one type of weapon that can be bought at NPCs After bringing "Geschupenschte" the items, he will refine the weapon. The results will be delivered to Bismarc atComodo [ 158,342 ], Talpiz in Payon [151,39] or Baisulist [46, 164] in Geffen, Krongast [179,181] in Izlude, or Wickebine, in Morroc [27, 112]. Bismac will then give the player a voucher to give to "Geschupenschte". Hand "Geschupenschte" the receipt then head back to Alberta's Blacksmith Guild and talk to "Altiregen" again.Altiregen wants the player to talk with Mitmair, a female blacksmith in Morroc [94,132]. She'll have you do a quiz, but this time it's just 5 questions. Set 1 • What ability is required to learn the Discount skill? - Level 3 Enlarge Weight • When you attack with Hammerfall, what status effect can you inflict on enemies? - Stun • How much Zeny is spent when attacking with the mastered Mammonite Skill? - (Level 10) 1000z • What is the discount rate when the Discount skill is mastered? - 24% • What is the maximum percentage that you can overcharge items sold to NPC's after mastering the Overcharge skill? - 24% or Set 2 • Which of the following monsters drops Steel? - Skel Worker • Which of the following stones can be made from Red Bloods? - Flame Heart • Which of the following stones do you have the most of in your Kafra Storage? - Check your storage • In general, which of the following properties receives the most damages from Wind attribute weapon? - Water Property • How many Iron is required to make 1 Steel? - 5 After answering all of the questions correctly, you will be given a "Hammer of Blacksmith" to give to "Altiregen". After giving the hammer to Altiregen, he will change your job to Blacksmith. If you were Job Level 50 as a Merchant, you receive 30 Steel.
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